Planing Monitoring Reporting

Terms of Reference

  • To coordinate the development of the NCHADS’ Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care.
  • To set annual targets and priorities for implementation that help achieve the goals stipulated in the Strategic Plan.
  • To develop, manage and from time to time review, planning procedures formats and processes for NCHADS.
  • To coordinate the preparation of Annual (and Quarterly) Comprehensive Operational Plans to achieve these targets.
  • To identify, allocate and track appropriate resources for the implementation of operational plans.
  • To coordinate with other institutions/agencies and partners to achieve the goals set forth in the Plan and to avoid overlapping of activities.
  • To coordinate the preparation of Annual Letters of Agreement (LoA) between NCHADS and the provincial HIV/AIDS Management Teams (HAMTs).
  • To develop, manage, and review from time to time, the Monitoring and Reporting system of NCHADS.
  • To collaborate with relevant NCHADS’ Units in setting relevant indicators for monitoring the implementation of activities.
  • To prepare regular (Quarterly and Annual) NCHADS Reports of the implementation of programme activities conducted by NCHADS and Provinces–based on the data generated by Units, provinces and the Data Management Unit.
  • To provide technical assistance to the provincial level and other institutions and agencies in planning, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of programme activities.
  • To collaborate with the other Units of NCHADS to coordinate the development of Standardized Operational Procedures, Policies, Strategies and Guidelines for implementation of NCHADS’ Programme activities.
  • To support the incentive officer to prepare lists of health care workers at national, and sub-national levels who are eligible for incentives under HIV/AIDS grant managed by NCHADS.
  • To perform any duties assigned by the Technical Bureau, or the Director of NCHADS.

Sub National HIV Estimation 2023

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2011-2015 English
Strategic Plan 2008-2010 English
Strategic Plan 2004-2007 English

Comprehensive Plan

AOCP 2014
AOCP 2011
AOCP 2010

Available Documents

Technical Meeting Report(04/10/2019)
Technical Meeting Report(11/11/2016)
Functional Task Analysis 2007