Accountant Office

Terms of Reference

The Finance Bureau is one of the 3 bureaus under NCHADS management structure and has the following responsibilities:

  • To develop and providing guidance on financial guidelines, SOP, procedures and policies.
  • To coordinate with technical bureau in development of quarterly and annual budget plans for NCHADS.
  • To coordinate between the Finance Bureau and all other Units within NCHADS and, when appropriate, the Provinces and other institutions, agencies and donors within and outside MoH to ensure smooth fund flows.
  • To ensure timely implementation of NCHADS activities in according to the guidelines
    or/and SOP.
  • To ensure funds are used effectively, efficiency, transparency and accountability.
  • To maintain comprehensive records of funds from different sources supporting implementation by NCHADS and its networks.
  • To develop and maintain a standardized accounting system that can be used for different requirements from donor agencies.
  • To maintain reliable records for reporting and auditing purposes.
  • To maintain constant internal audit.
  • To be responsible for preparing and releasing financial documents.
  • To make staff salary and other payments.
  • To maintain assets and inventories records.
  • To support and assist the Director of NCHADS, undertaking such other functions as he may from time to time determine.

    Available Documents

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