Logistics Management

Terms of Reference

  • To develop and review national quantification system for all required items related to HIV/AIDS care and treatment (antiretroviral (ARV) and opportunistic infection (OI) medications, Laboratories of reagent, consumables, equipment and Furniture) and the care and treatment of s→exually transmitted infections (STI – medications, reagents, consumables and equipment and Furniture).
  • To estimate quantifications for all required items related to HIV/AIDS and STI care and treatment.
  • To guarantee storage under suitable conditions for all relevant supplies, in collaboration with Central Medical Stores (CMS) and other partners.
  • To ensure the timely supply and distribution of all required items to all relevant sites.
  • To track all supplies received at NCHADS warehouse by source of funding.
  • To collaborate with all relevant units within NCHADS and all sites and partners of the NCHADS Program.
  • To ensure the timely and complete receipt of reports from all relevant sites as well as timely submittal of reports to the Director of NCHADS.
  • To establish a well-functioning inventory system that will ensure the avoidance of stock outs and expiry of stock.
  • To establish a committee control for receipt and acceptance of new stock.
  • Develop and work AOP, strategy plan, quarterly and Monthly Plan for LMU.
  • To supervise the rational storage and distribution of HIV/AIDS and STI related supplies at NCHADS and all relevant sites (via periodic Monitoring and Evaluation visits).

To build human resource capacity at the provincial, referral hospital and operational district Health center level by training, monitoring and supervision.

Available Documents

SOP for Logistics Management EN