Terms of Reference

  • To identify HIV/AIDS and STI-related research that will improve HIV/AIDS prevention and care interventions in Cambodia.
  • To provide care and treatment for pre-ART and ART patients at Social Health Clinic.
  • To coordinate, through appropriate mechanisms, with other research institutions in developing research agenda and conducting research activities.
  • To build capacity of research teams at NCHADS.
  • To build capacity of CoC teams to monitor the quality of services provided to PLHIV.
  • To collaborate with the National Ethics Committee to make sure that current and future HIV/AIDS and STI-related research conducted by NCHADS are ethically sound.
  • To work closely with the Data Management Unit and Surveillance Unit to make sure that research is well tailored in accordance to the updated HIV/AIDS epidemic situation in Cambodia.
  • To disseminate research results and encourage their findings into the design of interventions.

Social Health Clinic

Available Documents

HIV/AIDS Research Agenda
Social Health Clinic
Documentation on Implementation of Continuous Quality Improvement by Plan-Do-Check-Act at HIV Care Services in Cambodia​ (August 2021)
Documentation on causes of death among people living with HIV at ART Services in Cambodia
Document Knowledge of People Living with HIV On Viral Load and Undetectable=Untransmutable