Terms of Reference

  • To develop and disseminate policies, strategies, practical frameworks and guidelines for the implementation of VCCT services within the Continuum of Care in Cambodia.
  • To plan for, coordinate and supervise the appropriate scaling-up and expansion of VCCT services.
  • To identify the needs, and ensure availability of equipment, reagents and consumables for VCCT.
  • To monitor, evaluate and report on VCCT services using the NCHADS M & E system, to improve the quality of services.
  • To provide technical assistance to other institutions/agencies in implementing and scaling up VCCT services.
  • To coordinate through appropriate mechanisms with other institutions/agencies in implementing VCCT services to ensure effective allocation of resources for expanding VCCT within the health system.
  • To facilitate and ensure capacity building of health staff in VCCT services.
  • To coordinate training for laboratory staff in using laboratory machines, which provided by NCHADS to support OI/ART treatment.
  • To coordinate through appropriate activities with other institutions in implementing laboratory activities for OI/ART treatment.

Available Documents

Standard Operating Procedures for HIV Testing and Counseling "HTC",(September,2012)(eng)
Concept Note on Increasing MARPs(EW and MSM) Access to HIV Testing and C/PITC 2011 to 2015 (en)
SOP English